STARS is an independent English school and consultancy firm in the area of education, based in Blumenau - SC (Brazil) since 2013.

At that time I had already been working as a teacher, manager and trainer in various schools in the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil). At that stage, I realized that I needed a place where my ideas could come to life and where I could create and develop new teaching techniques and also refine those already existing. Following this vision, I decided to open my own school so I could offer a way of teaching English that could not be found in Blumenau yet.

At the beginning, we were just a mobile school, without a physical structure. As time went by we grew and along with our growth, we felt the need to find a space properly equipped with all sorts of tools and the right environment to further refine our teaching techniques even more. Keeping loyal to its origins, STARS is still a school that can work inside institutions in order to meet the needs of its clients providing a more flexible way of teaching English, though always bearing in mind that it is of the uttermost importance to work with well trained professionals.

As a teacher trainer, STARS' team is formed only by professionals with proven experience abroad and/or trained by myself directly in the classroom and also through dedicated sessions.

STARS is not just a simple English school, but it also offers various services such as translations, English-learning holiday planning, workshops of various kinds, training courses and consultancy services open to all institutions that look at improving the quality of their teaching.

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Isadora P. Costa
- Founder and Director -